JD Farms, in conjunction with SUNY Morrisville, last year harvested the first crop of hemp in New York state in about 80 years, after Gov. Andrew Cuomo opened up the field for more research and development around the once illegal crop.

“What I, and my partners, wanted to do is show that the crop is viable and can be grown in New York,” said Mark Justh, co-owner of JD Farms in Eaton. “We also think it could be very helpful in the revitalization of some farms, as another alternative crop, outside of soybeans and corn and wheat. It’s not in it’s natural state to have all of it imported from Canada.”

Last week, the state conducted its first New York State Industrial Hemp Summit in Ithaca to continue the growth of the crop in the state.

The summit, which took place at Cornell University in Ithaca, brought together agriculture, research and business leaders to discuss new developments and strategies to grow New York’s hemp industry.

Several actions were announced at the summit that will strengthen the industry by expanding research.

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Hemp industry growing in New York
The Times Telegram
Hemp requires 10-13 inches of water. Plant 200-300 plants/square meter to shade out weeds. Seeding temperature needs to be between 42-46 degrees fahrenheit. The seeds germinate within one week with warm temperatures and good moisture. Harvest …

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