THC BioMed (CSE:THC) finalized a purchase transaction for Clone Shipper LLC for $1 million USD.

As quoted in the press release:

Clone Shipper is a U.S. based company, specializing in packaging products for the transportation of live plants.

We are extremely pleased to have completed this very strategic purchase of   Clone Shipper. THC intends to continue building these great products in the USA.

“The Global demand for securely shipping live plants is increasing with the legalization of Medical Cannabis. This is the early formation of our presence within   the international Cannabis market place. We look forward being a part of every Cannabis live plant that is shipped Globally. We will vigorously protect any infringements on our patents and continue to register patents worldwide “commented John Miller, THC BioMed Intl CEO and President.

THC management believes that Clone Shipper is currently the only device that meets Canadian and Federal International laws governing the transportation of controlled, live plants.

In recognition of the demand we have launched a separate product called “THC Clone Shipper” that is specifically designed to meet regulations surrounding the transportation of controlled substance plant.

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Source: New feed