Grownetics, which is headquartered at the Boomtown Accelerator in Boulder, CO, is developing a sophisticated automation system for cannabis cultivators and could be the future of agricultural artificial intelligence. By combining big data and machine learning optimization algorithms, the company helps growers reduce costs, decrease energy usage, and increase overall quality and yield based on strain.

“We’re extremely excited about this partnership with MassRoots. Until this point, our team has strived to developed the most effective and innovative cultivation system on the market,” added Eli Duffy, Grownetics CEO. “Partnering with MassRoots will allow us to leverage their connections and expertise to scale our technology and become the most dominant cultivation technology company in the cannabis industry.”

MassRoots announced in January that it closed an acquisition of DDDigital, Inc. d.b.a. “Whaxy,” a menu management and online ordering system for medical and adult-use dispensaries. By correlating the data collected by this system with the data collected by MassRoots’ social platform and by Grownetics, there is significant potential for meaningful analysis.

“Grownetics’ value proposition to cannabis cultivation facilities is clear — it allows them to increase yields with less resources,” continued Dietrich. “We believe the partnership creates a value-add to our offerings to businesses.”

Based on initial data with their first customer, The Flower Collective, Grownetics’ technology could provide up to a 60% reduction in operating costs. These results have been validated by the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business Entrepreneurial Solutions team. The technology has been used by Ph.D researchers in California to optimize indoor cultivation.

The strategic alliance with Grownetics complements the recently announced partnership between MassRoots and New Frontier Data, and could amplify the depth and extent of analysis provided to cannabis business cultivators, retailers, and consumers.

About MassRoots, Inc.

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About Grownetics

Grownetics™ is a cultivation technology company which has built fully automated smart thinking garden.  By combining big data and machine learning, Grownetic’s helps growers decrease their costs, increase their plant’s yields, and save valuable resources.  In 2016, Grownetics was awarded both the Cannabist’s award for best cannabis technology startup and best technology company in the University of Colorado’s New Venture Challenge.

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