Peru’s Congress has given approval to a measure that legalizes medical cannabis.

Congress gave overwhelming approval to the measure earlier today; the vote was 68-5. The proposal allows cannabis oil to be produced, imported and sold for medical purposes. President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who introduced the bill, is expected to quickly sign it into law.

“Thousands of patients and their family members will have hope and a better quality of life,” said Alberty Belaunde, a lawmaker in the ruling party, following Congress’ approval. According to Belaunde, regulations for producing and commercializing cannabis oil will be written within 60 days.

According to Euro News, earlier this year, an Ipsos poll found that 65 percent of Peruvians support legalizing cannabis for medical purposes.

If the legislation is passed into law, Peru will join several of its Latin American neighbors – namely Chile, Colombia and Mexico – as nations that allow the medical use of cannabis.

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